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FDP3622914 – Franklincovey Monticello Dated Two-Page-per-Day Planner Refill (UPC:038576240841)

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📌 Standard size & Premium Material – Made of stainless steel, which is sturdy and durable to use. Adopt an inverted-cup-shape on the head, can protect your fingers from the reverse force when pushing the pins into a board.

📌 Fasten securely & Easily be removed – Push pins are suitable for posting photos, notes, information and important documents at home, school or office. Convenience for fixing important paper and information to cork boards, foam boards, and maps, etc.

  • 📌 Sufficient amount & Storage bottle – The package includes 700 push pins and a transparent storage bottle, which keeps your desk and drawer organized. A sufficient amount and recyclable can meet all your needs.
  • 📌 Size Of Push Pin – 0.43 inches in length of needle; the total length is 0.87 inches. Storage bottle size: 3.19x 4.33 inches.
  • 📌 Warning – Small parts and sharp needles, please put them back in the jar when not in use. Keep the products away from children under 3 years old.


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brand name:SanSiDo

Ideal substitute for flat-headed pushpin

 Distinct handle, which makes the handle stillconvex when the document is fixed.It is easier to use, and easier to remove than the flat-headed pushpin.The pinpoints are made of stainless steel, which is sharp but not easy to rust.

Wide application

Can be inserted into a hard surface effortlessly. The draw staff usually use it to fix papers on the drawing board. Could also be used to fix foam paper, paper or painting on cork board, bulletin board, noticeboards, maps, or even personal decorations such as photographs and posters. You will be amazed at how widely they are used in the arrangement of indoor home and office.

Warn Tips

√ Please keep it away from children.

√ When not in use, please put the pushpins in a transparent jar and tighten the cover.

√ Pushpins can be an important assistant for making handmade work with your imagination, just like the videos you see on Instagram and YouTube.


Item Weight

4.8 ounces




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